Rb25 rebuild "KINDA"

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Rb25 rebuild "KINDA"

Postby slidingsideways13 » Mon Dec 27, 2021 12:34 am

Hey everyone.

I have an RB25 swapped S13 and during this current offseason, I had the great idea many people have and that was to pull my engine and build it "Before" getting all the needed parts. Well, I had a great plan laid out but life happened and the funds disappeared. My RB was perfectly running with 0 issues and is now completely disassembled to the bare block. I don't want to leave my car down for half of next year and with the internals showing very very little signs of wear would it be safe to go ahead and reassemble the engine using the current parts that came out of the block? while actually stacking the parts to build it before ripping it apart again.

I do have new STD size ACL main/rod bearings and new HG with arp head studs. Thinking of putting those parts in and putting the block back together.

Any words of wisdom? little things I should do before putting it together?

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