Rb25 output shaft seal keeps leaking

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Rb25 output shaft seal keeps leaking

Postby ANVIL » Wed May 08, 2019 7:41 am

Rb25 trans keeps leaking at the output shaft seal. Ive replaced the seal twice in a year, less than 1k miles. Parked my car again today to notice its leaking again. First time i used a napa seal, this last time i used an OEM seal and its been less than 500 miles. What can cause repeated failure of this seal? Any tips or tricks? I uninstall with a prybar and tap new seal in flush.

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Re: Rb25 output shaft seal keeps leaking

Postby macgiver » Wed May 08, 2019 2:19 pm

IF it's due to a wear groove in very old/ hi-mi trans , and you are able to "locate" the new seal NOT all the way in the same depth. Like some seals are 3/8 " (10mm) deep , the sealing lip can be contacting a fresh point on the output shaft ?? And it would be "outboard" of the grooved portion , you know.

Other reason excessive bearing/bushing play or vibes from unbalance/ resonant - impacting seal lip ?

Possible remedial approach, especially if your install is to blame - goto a shop where a good written warrant ylike 12k+ mi and 2yr + , where if you find a driveline specialist to do this , they either point out the "culpret" OR you have them redo the leak under warranty. All the while you decide under that extended time what to do with the car.

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