rb25 max hp

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rb25 max hp

Postby oski » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:57 pm

So i have an rb25 240sx.. the head is built - the bottom is stock
rb25 s2
ported head
tomi pon cams I264 E264
1.3 cometic head gasket
art uncut headstuds
freddy intake mani
hypertune throttle body
borgwarner s300 super core
future fab manifold full vband
tial bov, 44mm wastegate
custom exhaust
just for some info on the build

My question is how much whp and torque can i push out of my stock block built head rb? the old setup was 436whp and 320 torque(torque down so axles can live)..but i have a new setup (bigger turbo etc) how much whp and torque can i push without killing my rb

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