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Postby DJDICK300ZX » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:33 am

Hello everyone. So I bought this rb neo i found online for just under 2K planning on swapping it into my 1990 300 z, ive sourced a bell housing for the z tranny, mounts and an oil pan for the rb so it clears the sub frame and sway bar. but when it comes to electrical im f*** :wtf2:

my big concern is my harness, does anyone have any tips or tricks on what the rb has that the z does not,
i know the engine is much much newer and more advanced than the car its about to go in.
what issues are going to come up ? what if anything can i delete on the rb to make this easier
i want to go with a standalone and a custom harness, never had a harness made before, what info should i be looking for about the neo electrical besides a diagram.

plz help boost makes me happy.
any wisdom will be much appreciated

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m tr4nch
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Postby m tr4nch » Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:18 am

for wiring you could always go with a wiring specialties harness. they are a little pricey but they will be plug and play for your z32. you can tailor options on how they make the harness for you depending on what ecu you will run, injectors, mafs, etc.

as far as eliminating things, i'm personally in the middle of a neo swap and i'm looking at eliminating the aac valve (aka the iacv), running custom catch can lines off the valve covers, and of course ditching the crossover intake pipe and running a greddy manifold. not sure what else you can eliminate tbh. everything has a give and take, for example if i eliminate the aac valve, i will have to adjust the tps on the throttle body to make up for it.

hope some of that helps answer your questions. also this should be in the RB specific forum, i will move it over there and i'm sure you will get more answers.

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Postby Trkwhre » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:52 am

Definitely just spend the money for a wiring specialties harness. What the shop used in my swap and well worth the money.

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