RB Igniter question

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RB Igniter question

Postby Hitokiri_Gensai » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:22 am

So ive got some questions here that HOPEFULLY someone can actually answer for me.

Yes ive searched this endlessly and I have read Carl H's post on repining the harness and so on.

Ive been told a couple times now that the OLD style VG30 igniter is IDENTICAL to the one on the RB20DET, yet as mentioned in Carl H's post you need to repin the harness to use the upgraded VG30 igniter. So answer me this, if the OLD VG igniter is identical, why does the new harness provided in the 22020 - 97E25 Kit not work for our cars? Shouldn't it be plug and play with the stock RB harness? I would assume so, seeing as the OLD VG igniter is identical? Shouldn't the wiring harness leading in be the same as well? Unless im missing something completely here it doesn't seem to add up? Not that im doubting what Carl H has said, im just looking for info on what information im missing here?

Im truly confused by this setup and not sure why it seems to be so complicated, or atleast is more complicated than just shelling out 200+ for an actual RB igniter.

Im not sure anyone has any more info than I do at the moment, but I was hoping SOMEONE might be able to shed a little more light here? I know these cars are relatively new here in the US and there seems to be a significant lack of knowledge regarding these things, or atleast its not widespread enough yet.

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