questions about the 85 nissan pickup

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questions about the 85 nissan pickup

Postby heywier427 » Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:32 am

hey guys

i just bought a 85 nissan pickup, whats its call name a 720??

any way, going to do a serious service on it and just want to list what im gonna do, and let me know if im missing anything. if theres anything to watch out for or something that usually goes bad/wrong.

engine and tranny seem to be in great shape. its got the 8 plug motor,i forgot its name, and a five speed. the truck kinda hauls butt! and im sure after some tlc itll be even better!

the bodys in need of help, but i went online and parts for this truck are so cheap! this is going to be my get back and forth to work car, my Q and cadddy are no good on gas. i dont have plans of grandure for it in the future, but who knows...

heres the list of what im gonna do in the next week end or so:

oil+filter. change over to syntheticflush tranny, change filter, use sytheticfuel filterflush n fill rear end w/syntheticvalve cover gasket...can i use silicone? how bout for the tranny+oil pan?wiers, rotor, cap, plugs. what kind of plugs, i asume ngk?flush+fill radiatorcheck brake fluid, change when brakes are neededair filter+new air intake tubing

anything im missing?

the tires are good enough for this winter and the shocks are doing just can use any nissan 6 bolt pattern correct? is toyota/ford the same as well?

please let me know of anything else to make this truck in top mechanical form. i know these are good motors. i need this truck to be very reliable.

one more thing i forgot to mention. the starter soilinoid is going bad, needs an ocasional tap, is that sold separate from the starter?

and last but not least, is there anybody parting out one of these bad boys. theres just a few interior flaws id like to take care of.

thanks for your time

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Postby Mr1der » Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:26 pm

it should be a 720. The engine is a Z24.

if you wanna mod if for more power, changing over to a Weber carb or the dual Mikuni's will go a long way.

is yours a 4wd?

your lug pattern is a 6 x 5.5 inch(all Nissan Pickups use this), it's the same as a 6 lug Toyota. I think Ford is a bit bigger.

if you go to you can actually get a valve cover gasket set for not much more than a tube of RTV silicone and pick up a starter solenoid while you're browsing.

and yeah...stuff is pretty cheap...I kinda wanna get a 4x4 to play with.

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