Pre 36k checkup list

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Pre 36k checkup list

Postby Simonc » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:56 pm

My 2018 Rogue SL w sunroof is coming up on the 36k warranty mark.

Does anyone have any recommendations for things to get checked before the factory warranty expires?

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Re: Pre 36k checkup list

Postby Rogue One » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:10 pm

Welcome aboard!

The answer is nothing, assuming you had the 30k scheduled maintenance done. Any issues should have been caught and addressed at that time. If you did not do the 30k service, then the items in the quote below are a good starting point.
ImStricken06 wrote:
Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:18 pm
i've posted something to this, before- i just cant find it. so here goes: DO YOUR MAINTENANCE!
but you dont have to follow the schedule that the dealer gives you. You should take your driving style/location into account when reading the maintenance schedule within your owners manual. car manufacturers want to make their cars appear low maintenance (lower cost of ownership), but that increases the risk of parts failing. On the opposite end of the spectrum, dealers want to take your money, so they scare you into premature maintenance. here is a happy medium:

if you are an easy, normal driver, living in typical climates(arizona for example is not 'typical'.)
engine oil: conventional, every 5k
CV-Joint Axles: should be inspected every oil change. (you will notice grease stains on the insides of your rims the flat area's)
engine coolant: every 75k is fine
spark plugs: inspect at 50k, replace at 75k (yes, i know its early by about 25k = but its better to replace it early, than have it fail 200miles from home)
CVT transmission fluid: every 50k, a check should be done. replace as needed
transfercase: every 30k - 50k.
rear differential: every 30k - 50k.
brake fluid: replace every 15k - 30k (inspect the color every oil or air filter change)
engine air filter: inspect every oil change, and replace when dirty
cabin filter: replace at the beginning of every spring (to prevent allergies, and breathe easier)
wax the exterior: twice a year (pre-winter, and pre-summer)
tire pressure: inspect every month. its a serious safety concern
light bulbs: check them every 4 times a year with a friend to help
R134a(freon): you can check in the middle of the spring to see the level. if its cold, dont worry about it.
we dont have a servicable fuel filter.
fuel injectors: there is no way to clean them, unless you physically remove them, and send them to an ultra-sonic cleaning machine shop. regular fuel additives is 'ok', but not a true cleaning. and thats all the dealer does anyway when they say "fuel injector cleaning". its a total scam.
There's some good advice in this post as well.
ras_oscar wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:26 am
I would never waster my time or breath arguing with a service writer about what services were to be provided on MY vehicle. I have never done ANY of the recommended interval services. My Altima I changed the oil at 3K and the trans fluid when it started slipping. Just traded it in after 230K miles and, unlike American cars, EVERYTHING worked including the A/C.

My Rogue I changed the CVT fluid at 60K, again as 120K and I changed the CVT at 125K, so now I do fluid at 30K on the replacement unit. Not because of the service schedule but my personal experience.

On the occasional case when I go the the dealer for service, I listen quietly while they run through the list of "recommended" service, and then ask for the total price. If I think its reasonable I do it. If not, I have him go through the list again item by item and approve or disapprove.

Also, prices are NOT the same dealer to dealer. My local dealership wanted $600 to change the CVT fluid. Another dealer same distance but in an adjoining state did it for $175. If you don't trust your dealer find another one.

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Re: Pre 36k checkup list

Postby Simonc » Mon Feb 10, 2020 7:47 am

Thank you, that's super helpful!

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