Power steering swap - 4WD parts into 2WD truck

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Power steering swap - 4WD parts into 2WD truck

Postby matrophy » Wed Mar 24, 2021 12:49 pm

I have an 86 2WD 720 standard model with no tilt or power steering. My manual steering box is pretty sloppy so I wanted to add power steering rather than buy a reman manual box.

I found an 83 4WD non-tilt truck at the wrecking yard and took off every power steering piece there - pump, column, idler, steering box, hoses and a million brackets. The engine in the donor truck was a Z22 but I've already confirmed that the castings on my Z24 are the same so the pump and brackets should bolt up.

My only concern is the Pitman arms. I believe the 4WD Pitman arm is different so I'm asking anyone who has done this swap whether they just swapped the 2WD Pitman arm onto the 4WD box.

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