Pop Charger, Z-Tube, Spacer and MREV2

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Pop Charger, Z-Tube, Spacer and MREV2

Postby JimW » Thu May 29, 2008 7:48 pm

JWT Pop Charger w/ Z-tube, 5/16” Plenum Spacer, and MREV 2 (all at the same time).Installation difficulty – Easy, since I paid mechanics at the shop to do it.Install time – Took them about 2 hours, including dyno runs.Cost - approx. $800 in partsAdvantages – 20wHP gain, deeper engine growl.Disadvantages – Coulda bought a lot of beer with that money.

Since this was my first mod to a car ever, I was a bit nervous/skeptical about how much good bolt-on stuff would actually do, so at the last second I asked them to Dyno it before and after, and here is the info (see attached pics).

Peak HP was at 233HP baseline, and went up to 243HP after the parts. Not bad, but even cooler is that it gained 15-25HP across much of the mid RPM range. Just look at 4.5k RPM, HP upped from about 176 to 200. And at 5.5k RPM, it upped from 218 HP to 239 HP! I guess as a generalization, I would say I gained 20HP at the wheels from this little project.You can definitely feel the power difference at WOT, and the engine noise is a much deeper roar now than before the parts. I also feel like the throttle response is a bit quicker.

Two thumbs up on these mods!!!

- Jim W

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Re: Pop Charger, Z-Tube, Spacer and MREV2 (JimW)

Postby CPV35GT » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:58 am

Just a FYI on the JWT Pop Chrgr:After install, the MAF housing tube can rub against the A/C line and wear a hole through it which will NOT be covered under warranty. Expensive repair I've read.

Protect A/C line with some rubber tubing or plastic wire loom tubing to prevent that from happening.

Why didn't they connect your ram air duct to JWT heat shield? When I had mine, I did with those parts supplied in kit.

Other than that, looks good and thanks for the results on the MREV2 + spacer.

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