part numbers for S13 KA24DE Distributor rebuild

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part numbers for S13 KA24DE Distributor rebuild

Postby Gray Rohan » Fri Mar 05, 2021 12:08 pm

These are the part numbers needed to rebuild the distributor on a S13 KA24DE,all are available online,and certain ones can be bought through NAPA

parts needed for a rebuild:

new cap: your local parts store,but if you insist 15697,03387, 1747031, 221621C710, 2216253F11, 88921771, JD926

rotor:again,parts store or 04273, 1737971, 2215753F11, 88922910, JP915 (depending of what cap you get,it could come with the rotor)

cam angle sensor (CAS):Mitsubishi J920 (Serena and vanette seem to use the same part) ALSO dont forget to take the plug gasket out as the new part doesn't include one (the square rubber part on the cas,itll be nice if someone could 3d print one)

CAS disc: DO NOT DAMAGE THIS,i have not been able to find this part yet but all i've got close to a part number is 01903(this will get updated when i find a replacement).

bearing:6002rs or 6002-2rs,both will work

seal for shaft: TC 14 24 6

shaft:no part number,if the shaft is ruined you need to get a new core.

also YOU NEED A PRESS TO REBUILD THIS. hammer wont work on this one,but if you have a bench vise i guess you can make it work with brackets or seal drivers.

(also disclaimer: im not responsible if you mess up,proceed at your own risk)

ps:i dont have a S14 dist to find parts.but if someone is willing to help,ill be willing to find parts number for those.also same for sr20 but i do know that their cas part number is rsb14.

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