Paint, in particular black

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Paint, in particular black

Postby craig187 » Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:00 am

Great forum and I am hoping you can help. I live in the UK but will be buying a new US FX37 in the coming months. Due to circumstances I will most likely be purchasing before I get to see a US one in person. I have always had black cars and I don't think you can beat the look of one when clean, polished and waxed.

However, I have seen some black FX in the UK (very rare) and the two I have seen have terrible paint jobs. The paint looks like a bad body shop overspray. I want to wet sand it just looking at it. Is this a problem with N American FXs or have I just hit a bad batch in the UK?

While black is my primary choice I couldn't live with such bad paint and would rather switch to grey, blue or white than see that type of imperfection.

Talk to me about paint please :)

Thanks in advance.

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