P1757 Transmission code. Not shifting right.

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P1757 Transmission code. Not shifting right.

Postby Pandamanben02 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:58 pm

hey i have a 2007 infiniti m35x that is showing the p1757 A/T code it was driving along normally on the highway when it suddenly downshifted several gears and now at low speeds it doesnt seem to shift right seems low on power and wont shift past maybe 3rd gear. i ran the codes and saw it was saying the FR/B solenoid was bad so i looked on youtube and alot of the guys there were saying the conection in the tcm breaks so i drained the atf dropped the valve body and pulled off the tcm. i cracked it open and there was nothing wrong i even checked twice and tree times absolutley nothing wrong. So then i assumed it was a problem with the solenoid itself so i ordered a bosch remanufactured solenoid and installed and buttoned evrything back up but i still have the same problem. so i started wondering if it could be a blown fuse or a wiring problem maybe if the vehicle speed censor went bad would that make it do that? i dont know.

Anyone have any ideas??

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Re: P1757 Transmission code. Not shifting right.

Postby audtatious » Wed Jul 08, 2020 12:27 pm

Seems a connection issue can be one cause, have you validated that the Front Brake Solenoid Valve itself is good and not just some internal connection?

FSM should have some additional troubleshooting steps

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