P0340 - Engine Not Starting

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P0340 - Engine Not Starting

Postby Bottie » Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:39 am

Hi all,

As a starter on this forum, I have the following problem:

When driving (when I was still able to start the engine :mad: ), the the rpm wouldn't go highter then 3500rpm and the ECU threw a P0340-code at me. I replaced the CSP-sensors (both) but the problem wasn't solved and I also got a MAF-error ... So I replaced also both of them.

Now, when the engine was cold, it wouldn 't start. When I placed a hot air blower under the hood for about 20 minutes, after a few tries the engine started. But, driving was another thing ... the car drove like a mad man ... shocking, bumping, the AT not knowing in which gear to put in ... But, when stopping the car, shut all down, get out and close the doors for about 30 seconds solved this issue, only the 3500rpm-block still was there.

Now, the car doesn't start at all. We checked al cables and all signals arrive at the ECU like it should be. Car was towed to a Nissan-dealer and there I was told the car needed a new engine because it was completely blocked. But I'm able to turn it around when pulling the crankshaft, so it doesn't look jammed to me?

Also, the starter can turn around the engine without a problem, the plugs ar sparking but after 2 rotations, it looks like the ECU tells the engine to stop ignition.

We connected a laptop to the crank- and camshaftsensors:


and this is how it looks in the Infiniti Factory Manual:


So it looks there's a diffirence. I don't know if this is wrong or if there's some kind of value it can be diffirent or not.

All help is appreciated :biggthumpup:


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