Weekly Olympia Meet

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Weekly Olympia Meet

Postby Beancooker » Sun May 30, 2010 7:28 pm

Wednesday 8pm 1400 Marvin Road NE, Lacey, WA. In the parking lot shared by Panda Express and Home Depot.

Every week here in Olympia I have had a meet. It is mostly a Subaru meet, but we have some non Subies that are regulars as well. We now have started to encompass an Audi, VW, Honda, Scion, Mazda and a Nissan. All in all it doesn't matter what you drive. It's about our mutual love for cars in general, not one specific make or model. There are a few restaurants in the parking lot, and many near by.

It has grown to be a fairly large gathering. When I started it there were just five of us, and it has had a turnout as large as 35 cars. Everyone is really cool, and no one cares what you drive, as long as you're not an a$$. Feel free to stop by and hang out.

Please don't ruin it for everyone else if you do stop by.

This is a parking lot that is shared by multiple businesses, so driving fast, burn outs, drifting, unnecessarily loud stereos, littering and drinking alcohol will not be tolerated.


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