Oil change and tire rotation prices rant

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Oil change and tire rotation prices rant

Postby Mjkkb2 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:43 am

This will be a quick rant on the prices that the service charges to maintain the cars we drive. I know that they like for you to think that you drive a very luxurious car, but let’s be honest - it’s just a Nissan with some nice stuff inside. I know that their free coffee, pastries, new loaner car and the plush lounge to watch TV on the big screen aren’t really free. But give me a break! $170 for an oil change and tire rotation on a soccer mom mobile!!!!!!
F**k that NO THANKS!

I apologize to those offended by my soccer mobile comment. I like the QX and drive my kids proudly to practice. #soccerdad

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