Oem stereo

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Oem stereo

Postby casperfun » Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:48 pm

I understand this is old news, but when I first got my rogue 10 years ago the sound system sounded dull to my ears like I had tissue in my ears that I had to change the radio.

The sound suck so bad I change the Nissan oem to a pioneer with a 5-6 inch screen or that effect.

I’m middle age so I was not really into loud blasting systems like when I was younger. But the sound improved so much that I was very happy all these years. I preferred the midrange, with a touch of bass, and a hint of treble. Kinda like an S-curve on the graphic eq.

Then recently my Nissan oem speakers, specifically the right front 6x9 passenger speakers had crackling sound when the music played which happened sporadically.

So I ordered budget high end ones at 150 watts per speaker.
They have 300 watts out there but like I said I’m not into very loud anymore.

Anyways, after removing the oem Nissan 6x9’s up front, I was like so surprised those speakers were 20 watts per speaker. My response was like, “what the hell, are you freaking kidding me!”

But after installing my upgrades, holy crap it was auditory Nirvana, boy what a difference.

It was like going from analog tv to high definition 4K digital.

The sound and clarity, you mean I was missing this good amazing sound all these years.?

I had a Nissan bose in a pearl glow maxima back in the day and I thought I heard good sound but now it was so amazing that I went ahead and changed the rear when I wasn’t planning too.

The speakers didn’t even fit into the weird Nissan configuration that the front ones are not even flush. 1 screw sticking up.

The rear ones were even worse and did not fit period that I was only able to barely use 1 screw and zip tied the rest somehow. And had to redo a few times because part of the wire kept shorting the sound when touching the car metal. Had to place rubber pieces so it won’t move either.

Worse fit ever, and ridiculous looking inside there. Far from being flush in position and slanted, sticking out badly. But got it sitting still under the door thankfully.

Remember, I just wanted to just fix a crackling right front passenger speaker. Now I really look forward to playing YouTube music through these speakers because it sounds so amazing now.

If I knew I was playing thru these 20 watt weakling Nissan 6x9 oem speakers I would have done this 8-10 years ago.

Like I said, I’m not too picky with sound, but the difference was amazing to say the least! :mike

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Re: Oem stereo

Postby Act of God » Fri Nov 29, 2019 11:28 am

Those old Maximas had banging Bose systems (1995 era)

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