OEM radio no sound - 1997 Altima GXE

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OEM radio no sound - 1997 Altima GXE

Postby belacane » Thu Oct 13, 2011 3:49 pm

I just brought home a 'new' 1997 Altima GXE with 177,000 miles. Feel like I got a great deal and I'm very happy with her.

One problem however, is the radio/tape deck intermittently just won't emit any sound. It seems to power on, but about 50% of the time, just nothing. If I don't turn it off during one of these silent episodes, it will randomly just start working without warning. Sometimes hitting the console helps, sometimes it doesn't. I don't think it's an alternator problem, as none of the other tell-tale signs of a failing alternator are present.

Any ideas what's going on? I'm not too familiar with electronics.

Is there specific wiring that can be checked?

Thanks in advance!

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