08 G35x - Odd front end clunk on acceleration

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08 G35x - Odd front end clunk on acceleration

Postby for_your_health » Sat Aug 31, 2019 6:33 pm

Hi all,

So I have an '08 G35x with about 107k on it. I had been hearing an odd clunking noise whenever I would get on the gas from a stop, or when I would get off the gas and then get back on when I was cruising at freeway speeds. The shop diagnosed this issue as a worn out front right CV axle, and replaced it. This made sense, and I noticed the car had less slack in the time between when I would hit the gas, and when the car would start to go. The loud clunk also stopped.

However: I replaced my front sway bar end links and bushings probably a month ago, prior to the CV axle replacement. Initially, I could not find the torque specs for the brackets that hold the bushings so I just torqued the hell out of them. Turns out I torqued them about twice the required amount so I loosened them up after a couple weeks. I started noticing the slight popping noise soon after I installed them.

What I'm getting to is this: I'm still hearing a popping sound from the front end, even after the CV axle replacement. I can make it reoccur every time when I'm cruising at speed and get off the gas completely and then get back on it hard. It's noticeably more quiet and a lot more subtle but still noticeable. My thoughts are that I might have killed the new end links or bushings by tightening them too much and now they are messed up and making noise, but I also wonder if the shop messed up the CV axle install. It's just annoying the hell out of me that I can't figure this out and it's kinda stressing me out because I'm (admittedly) way too anal about my car. Does anybody have any thoughts? I apologize for the long winded post. I went ahead and ordered the OEM sway bar end links and bushings in the meantime just because I'd rather have OEM parts on my car (not sure what I was thinking when I ordered 3rd party ones.)

Anyways, thank you in advance for any help you might offer!

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