Not sure what's going on

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Not sure what's going on

Postby gkeylow » Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:26 pm

2004 G35x Sedan (135k miles), factory radio (Bose) installed. Just bought it weekend before last.

Tonight I'm parked with the car off, radio playing waiting for my girl. She got in for a second to get something and run back in. When we were talking, my radio cut off. When she left. The power button wouldn't work, when I would start my car none of the AC/heater controls as well, but was set on Auto around 88 degrees (full blast) After 2-3 mins of messing around, start off the car, turn off a few times. The radio disk changer started making noises, which I knew it got power back.

I started the car and checked to make sure everything that wasn't working was (which it was) but also noticed the security light was on solid. Didn't think nothing of it and shut the car down. When to started again and nothing. No power, no lights on the dash, no turn over, not even the keyless entry would lock or unlock.

I know nothing about Infiniti's but read online it could be in Lock Mode and to insert the key, turn it to on for 5 seconds, back to off. Repeat 2 more times and it should fix it.

The car also had a completely dead battery when I got it from my friend, we jump packed it, I drove it 70 miles home and it hasn't give me any problems since I bought it.

Please help and thank you in advance!!

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Re: Not sure what's going on

Postby audtatious » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:51 pm

The factory Bose systems for '03 and '04 (maybe '05) suffer from some issues (poor solder joints I believe) which will cause the radio and AC controls to go blank. The solution is to replace the head unit or to contact someone such as to get it fixed.

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