Nopi/Ndra Rule change

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Nopi/Ndra Rule change

Postby 10secondr33 » Thu May 15, 2003 7:18 pm

Hey all,

First off let me say I have to explain my position. Some of you may know of my attempts at building an 8second street/strip R33 Skyline. When I first started I had a plan to follow. The plan called for an HKS sequetial transmission to put all the power down that I can:D Now for the good part of the story.All the circuits have a rule about my transmission, basically they are ILLEGAL.I sent out e-mail's to all the "major" drag racing series in an attempt to keep my car up to spec.The only people who replied was Nopi/Ndra, telling me they have changed the rule mid-season. They are now gonna allow 2 once outlawed tranny's( sequential's and ATI 2 and 3 speed automatics).Not sure why they made the change, just glad they did.So please go and attend Nopi/Ndra events so I don't have to change tranny's j/k.


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