No symptoms; head gasket suspension G37

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No symptoms; head gasket suspension G37

Postby v36vhr » Fri Nov 18, 2022 5:43 am

I have an old race motor that I purchased and tuned up. Water pump, gallery gasket, etc. never removed heads nor rear timing cover. It’s been driving great for over a year. Today when doing my oil change I noticed my oil was a little “milky”. Not ideal. I took a peep at my heads and I could see not leakage but coolant corrosion seeping from the heads and block. Bank one and two. I have 0 symptoms or concerns of overheating, low coolant, smoke etc. I’m running a leak down and compression tomorrow just for the hell of it. I’ll most likely pull it back out and do an entire rebuild. Has anyone seen a failure like this one ? I’ll post a picture.. are my cooling mods (radiator + thermostat) hiding the effects of the bad H.G,?

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Re: No symptoms; head gasket suspension G37

Postby VStar650CL » Fri Nov 18, 2022 6:16 am

Don't know how much you drive it or what climate you live in, but if it's a weekend warrior that makes a lot of short trips and never fully warms up, it could just be a condensation problem. PCV's don't work very efficiently with cold oil in the crank.

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