Nissan Replaced my Battery after Warranty Expiration

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Nissan Replaced my Battery after Warranty Expiration

Postby NorcalQX4 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:57 pm

I wanted to report this in case others are in the same boat I was.

II purchased my used 2011 Leaf in march of 2016. In January of this year, I decided to get a battery test performed at my local Nissan dealership because I was concerned about the bars I had lost and the battery was only charging to about 60 miles.

The report showed that my battery had degraded to the point that it could have been replaced if it was still under warranty. However, I had miscalculated when the warranty expired. It actually expired last October, based on when my Leaf was originally sold.

The dealership advised me that they would see if Nissan would replace the battery anyway under their "Goodwill" program. The service tech turned the paperwork in to Nissan and a few days later called me and said they would replace if if I paid $600 for the installation.

I gladly paid the installation charge and the new battery was installed yesterday. It now charges to 120 miles.

The one thing I'm not sure about is the warranty on the new battery. The dealership told me it was only 12 months/12,000 miles, but I'm wondering what others have been told who have had their batteries replaced under Nissan's "goodwill" program?

Also, are the replacement batteries significantly better than the original battery?

In any event, I'm very happy about the outcome and wanted to let others know about my experience.

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Re: Nissan Replaced my Battery after Warranty Expiration

Postby centralcoaster33 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:12 pm

Very nice! My co-worker has an old Honda Insight and it's about to be curbed for life because the battery failed, throws a code and CEL, and recently it was added to the cars that have to be smogged list. It will never pass smog with the failed battery, so she's got to just junk it. What a waste. I'm super glad Nissan had you covered. Thank you for sharing!

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Re: Nissan Replaced my Battery after Warranty Expiration

Postby in2it » Mon May 22, 2017 10:59 am

I am posting my experience with the Nissan Leaf in the hope that someone can point me in the right direction to get some assistance from Nissan. I live in St Lucia in the Caribbean and was the first person to purchase a Leaf there. There are now about 6 on the island. I was told that the battery was warrantied for 5 years but was not told that the vehicle would have to go back to England so that the warranty could be honored. As a result, I am driving a vehicle that has only 3 bars left to be charged and I can barely travel 10 miles on a full charge. There are no charging stations on the island. The company I made the purchase from had one and we were allowed to use it free of charge but they have since closed down and the service is no longer available. I don't know if an appeal to Nissan will do any good but I don't know where to lodge the appeal. I have tried various dealerships but no one has responded.

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Re: Nissan Replaced my Battery after Warranty Expiration

Postby centralcoaster33 » Mon May 22, 2017 12:38 pm

Hi in2it, welcome to NICO Club! As with many forums, just tacking on a question to an existing thread might not ever get noticed and even so, might not get the attention you seek. Anyway, since I review my old posts every now and then, I found this, but I do not know who you need to contact or how to do it. I do know that if you want Nissan to replace your battery, you need to talk to Nissan. Is your Leaf still under warranty or are you hoping for the same "Goodwill" repair as mentioned above? Where would a person go to buy a Nissan in St. Lucia? Is Peter and Co still in business? Maybe you should go there. Also, there are international phone numbers. Perhaps you can make a phone call to Nissan for help. We're not Nissan here, just owners and fans.

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Re: Nissan Replaced my Battery after Warranty Expiration

Postby trangen1 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:30 pm

Here's my story, I'm in Los Angeles, CA.

So last January 2017, I bought my 2012 Nissan Leaf, it came with the White Carpool HOV lane sticker. Which was my motivation. On a good day it would charge and only show 68-65 miles of range. But actual driving part city and party Freeway I could only get about 35-40 miles. I only had 45,000 miles on it at the time.
The battery health showed 7 bars. (5 white and 2 red)

So In January 20, 2017 (or there abouts) I took my 2012 Leaf to the dealer and they uploaded new software. Now the Battery health showed 9 bars, 7 white and 2 red. LOL
I thought now that's a scam. They said I don't qualify any more for a new Battery. I was pissed.
Meanwhile, as the Crow Flies I work 14.5 miles from my house. Lets round off and say 15 miles. and including pickup up and dropping off my kids from school add 2 more miles. So round trip and pickup kids from school 32 miles and the battery was almost depleted. This was worse in the Winter time if I had the heater on. Yes, it does get cold in the winter in LA and I'm not going to let my kids get sick because I won't turn on the heater. Some times I would have to charge it twice in 1 day to make sure I could make it 35 miles round trip and get stranded with my kids on the freeway. I charged it at work and then charged it when I got home.

Nissan never offered me any "Goodwill" program. They tried to cheat me. I had to threaten them with a Lawsuit for them to give me a new battery. I did some research and found that in LA Nissan was sued in a Class Action lawsuit and they settled out-of-court and promised to fix peoples LEAFS with defective batteries if it was still under warranty.
Apparently the severe HEAT in California and Arizona degraded the batteries early. One of the Plaintiffs was a Judge.

What happened is when Tesla, made the first "S" model, they gave away all their patents to promote EV Technology. But left it to each manufacturer to alter, deviate or modify that technology to their needs.

Well on Tesla's they used "Liquid Cooling" to cool Tesla S batteries. Toyota used forced Air cooling with a Fan in their Prius.

Nissan didn't use any cooling at all. They just let "ambient" temperature to dissipate the heat. "MISTAKE"; "BIG MISTAKE". That's what caused early depletion and malfunction of their batteries. Especially in the severe heat of states like Arizona and California summers.

Long story short, I have a J.D. Law degree so I wrote up and "Pleading aka Complaint" I was ready to file Criminal and Civil complaints vs. Nissan (I was not bluffing, I had already made contact with the FBI, and some California Agencies and Consumer Affairs.
I thought what they did uploading new code was tantamount to "fraud". I served them (Nissan Notice) at their Tennessee HQ, which is their North American HQ, their Japan HQ, and another location I can't remember. I must have served about 8 people.

Shortly there after their (Nissan Attorney Counsel) contacted me and said bring in my 2012 Leaf and Nissan would give me a new Battery. That was in June 8th, 2017.

They did some paper work and gave me my Leaf back after a week and said, "we have to wait for the Battery to arrive." I waited 3 months Later in September I wrote the Nissan Attorney Counsel and said, "can you expedite things" "it's been a 3 month wait". His reply he feigned shock, "they haven't fixed it yet"??? I said "NO"!!!

So a few days later the Dealer said bring the Leaf in, I did and left it with them for about 1 month and 1 week, and the Battery finally arrived. I just got it back 2 weeks ago on Friday October 27, 2017. So now on a full charge the battery in
"Drive" shows 110, and "Eco shows 118" miles of range.

It's been a learning lesson.

I drive about 70 mph when the freeway moves. And at that speed the battery gets depleted Fast.
And I started with a FULL FRESH CHARGE of 110 Range the other day; I drove 70 mph for 35 miles. And the Range showed 48 miles left.
These LEAF's are not designed for American Freeways and American freeway driving. I'm convinced they are and were designed for Japan with their small streets and slower driving, NOT for American roads and freeways.

Anyway Now I can drive about 2-3 days before I need to re-charge. I usually charge at the end of the 2nd day.

I'll keep driving it like this until I get my Tesla 3 next year. The Tesla 3 back log is 500,000 now I think.

Anyway I found out when they gave me a new battery, they also upgraded the battery to the 2016-2017 35 kW Battery good for 110 miles range (or so the display says, you won't get that range on the freeway at 65 mph).
To answer the other person, the 2016-2017 battery WILL FIT in the earlier models. Nissan only has to install a connector adapter which they made for this.
So, 2011-2015's had the 25 kW batteries good for 70-80 miles range.

The 2nd Gen Leaf has the 40 kW battery which is supposedly good for 150 miles range (but again based on my experience, not at 65 mph speed).
and next summer 2018 Nissan LEAF will offer and 60 kW battery good for 210 range.

That said, Nissan supposedly put a coating on the batteries (2016-2017 model Leafs) to make them more resistant to heat and battery fade.
They still didn't engineer or install a cooling system for the batteries. UNBELIEVABLE!!! What Bad Engineering.
I wonder if they'll do that for the 60 kW batteries. If Nissan doesn't engineer Battery cooling for Battery Longevity I'm not getting a 2018.

I actually like my 2012 LEAF. It's small nimble relatively fast in "Drive mode". My wife likes it to, She prefers the LEAF for local driving rather than her big Mercedes-Benz ML250 Bluetec Diesel for easier parking and working traffic.

But at this point I need the higher Range and it looks like the Tesla 3 with the Bigger 310 range battery and AWD - Dual motor is for me. Even at $45K I'm okay with that.

I read in one report a Tesla S after 5 years and over 100,000 miles still retained 98% of it's battery charge. Probably Thanks to the "Battery Liquid Cooling System).

In downtown LA and near where I live I've got it mapped out, I haven't paid for Electricity to charge my LEAF for commuting since February 2017 of this year. At my work downtown LA near my work there are about 20 (Free Electricity) Charging stations provided by LA DWP Dept. of Water and Power. and near my house near by is Edison they have 12 free electricity charging stations. First some first serve. The city next to me Rosemead is install 4 free electricity charging stations in 2018. And also nearby CARB, The State of California (CARB - CA Air Resources board) has 4 free charging stations also. I've got the network of No-Charge stations all mapped out. IT'S GREAT!!!!
Now all I need is a reasonably priced EV that can go 200+ miles on a charged. And that's going to be the Tesla 3 (220 miles range 70 kW or 310 miles range 80 kw) or the Nissan LEAF with the 60 kW battery as long as Nissan Engineers Cooling into that battery. :chuckle: :chuckle: :naughty: :naughty:

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