Nissan Patents for the Cube (or so i think)

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Nissan Patents for the Cube (or so i think)

Postby bourngooy88 » Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:23 pm

so here are some patents i found while browsing around that i think might be for the cube. im not sure but it was quick browseing

Electric power steering system [U.S. Patents]

08/05/2008 11:36:00 AMMicropatent / Thomson ScientificPub. Number US7406373Appl. Data 10 20041104Applicant Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.Inventor(s) Kubota, MasahiroMouri, HiroshiTamasho, TadashiShirato, RyotaSonoda, TakayukiTitle Electric power steering systemAbstract An electric power steering system for an automotivevehicle, including a steering torque detecting device which detects a steeringtorque of a steering shaft. An electric motor is provided to generate an assisttorque for assisting a driver's steering effort required for steering thevehicle and a counter-assist torque for increasing the driver's steeringeffort. The assist torque and the counter-assist torque are applied to asteering mechanism. Additionally, a controller is provided to output a drivecommand to the electric motor in accordance with the detected steering torque.The drive command is for causing the electric motor to generate thecounter-assist torque when the detected steering torque is a transitionaltorque. and here is another

Vehicle front body structure [U.S. Patents]08/05/2008 11:33:00 AMMicropatent / Thomson ScientificPub. Number US7404596Appl. Data 11 20060202Applicant Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.Inventor(s) Miyata, DaizouUto, FumitakaTitle Vehicle front body structureAbstract A front body structure for a vehicle including: acowl box extending in a transverse direction of the vehicle and having a curvedshape with its central portion in the transverse direction of the vehiclesituated at a front end thereof; and a cowl top extension tying tops of struttowers, extending in front of the cowl box at a height substantially equal tothat of each of the tops of strut towers, and having a curved shape with itscentral portion in the transverse direction of the vehicle situated at a rearend thereof. The cowl top extension and the cowl box are connected to eachother at the central portions thereof.

but this is just in case you wanted to know

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