Nissan LEAF Launch Announcement Update

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Nissan LEAF Launch Announcement Update

Postby InfinitiEric » Wed May 25, 2011 8:29 am

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The following is a reproduced internal correspondence related to the Nissan LEAF...

In December 2010, Nissan celebrated the retail launch of the Nissan LEAF in the United States, the world’s first affordable all-electric vehicle. Now the Nissan LEAF is being sold in 7 states (CA, OR, WA, HI, AZ, TX, and TN) by 218 EV certified Nissan retailers and through April, we’ve delivered over 1,000 units to customers! Now we are ready to take it to the next level and put in motion our plan to bring the Nissan LEAF to the rest of the country. Included here you will find the details of the full dealer EV readiness roll-out plan, which will provide each retailer the roadmap to becoming electric vehicle certified.

The following pages will provide you with dealer EV readiness details, information to identify which wave your store is a part of, and a timeline for each dealer’s operational readiness activities. Following this timeline will result in EV certification for each dealer in a timely fashion in-line with vehicle availability. Note that all activities are centered on the arrival of dealer demonstrator units, which will arrive at stores prior to customer retail units. A separate communication will be released shortly announcing when all reservation holders across the country can start placing their vehicle orders on the Nissan LEAF website including when they can expect to take delivery of their Nissan LEAF.

Please take the time to review all information related to your Wave within the roll-out and follow the timeline to ensure your dealership is ready when the Nissan LEAF becomes available in your market. Your DOM and Electric Vehicle Operations Manager (EVOM) are available to answer any questions you may have regarding dealer EV certification or the waves of the roll-out. This plan sets in motion our goal to offer zero-emissions mobility to everyone across the country. Your participation is at the focal point and we are excited to bring you on board; let’s go!


Wave 2 (FL, GA, AL, NC, SC, VA, MD, MS and IL)
All wave 2 states remain the same as in previous communications, with the addition of Mississippi and Illinois. Tremendous local efforts in Chicago to create EV charging infrastructure throughout the city illustrates a concerted effort to adopt EV transportation; we are pulling Illinois up in our launch sequence to accommodate those efforts. Mississippi has also been added to Wave 2. Dealerships in wave 2 states will receive dealer demonstrator units starting late summer/ early fall and all readiness activities will be centered on demo unit delivery.

Wave 3 (CO, LA, NY, NJ, MA, and CT)
In previous announcements, wave 3 included a total of 36 states. In order to execute an effective roll-out, the previous wave 3 has been subdivided into two additional waves, to now include a wave 4 and 5. The pages that follow provide operational roll-out details for each of these waves.

EV Certification Commitment Form
Many dealers in Waves 3 through 5 have not yet had the opportunity to sign and submit this form to Nissan. This form is the first step for dealers to indicate their commitment to becoming EV certified to sell and service the Nissan LEAF. All activities including charging equipment procurement and installation, purchasing special EV tools, attending training, and delivery of demonstrator units, are prioritized based on the receipt of this form. A copy of the form is attached here and should be sent to either your DOM or Electric Vehicle Operations Manager (EVOM).

Nissan LEAF Dealer Demonstration Agreement
Many dealers in Waves 2 through 5 have not yet had the opportunity to sign and submit this form to Nissan. This form is needed to indicate participation in the demonstrator program. Dealer demonstrator units are needed to conduct in-dealership training.

Launch Training Plan
The training for our EV Sales Leaders, Sales Specialists, and Service Leaders will be conveniently conducted in-person at each dealership that signs up to become EV certified. Training will be conducted using the dealer’s Nissan LEAF demonstrator unit, so timing of training will be dictated based on demonstrator unit arrival at each store. Given this plan, it is crucial that each dealer has their dealer demonstrator available and ready for training when the time comes in order to ensure certification requirements are met. All EV Tech Specialists will attend instructor-led training at one of Nissan’s technical training centers. Starting in June, EVOMs will be conducting dealer certification training for active Nissan LEAF markets as a means of sustaining dealer EV certification.


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Re: Nissan LEAF Launch Announcement Update

Postby rtdengr » Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:44 pm

I live in Wisconsin and don't seem to be listed in any of the Wave descriptions! We are in the picture for wave 5 but not the description. So we are just forgotten?

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Re: Nissan LEAF Launch Announcement Update

Postby TheLaus » Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:26 am

This launch info was helpful, but is it still current?

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