Nissan Altima Engine Replacement

Information on the naturally-aspirated KA24E and KA24DE engines.
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Nissan Altima Engine Replacement

Postby Galaxy » Thu Jul 16, 2015 2:57 am

Hello everyone. My nissan Altima 95 engine KA24DE has been giving me problem so I want to replace it. But my mechanic suggest that I replace it with the engine of Nissan Sunny GA14DE or GA16DE engine. I don't know if its possible and good, please anyone with the knowledge and experience in this area kindly help.

Timothy S
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Re: Nissan Altima Engine Replacement

Postby Timothy S » Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:09 am

Nissan Sentras with 1.6 Liter engines (GA16DE) use a different Transmission from the altimas. Automatic Altimas use the RE4F04A while 1993 Sentras used RL4F03A or V. To make this swap work, You might need to swap the transmission as well. In the US, this engine was not common in Sentras made after 1990, so it would be hard to find. The Sunny, the non-US version of the Sentra used this engine until the early 2000's. For me, in the US, it would be easier to find another KA24DE and use my existing trasmission than to pull a SR20DE engine and Transmission out of a Sentra along with the axles, and ecu, and still have to modify the wiring to make it run.

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