New tuning GOFASTNISSAN chips SR20det?

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New tuning GOFASTNISSAN chips SR20det?

Postby mikesloud » Sun Aug 22, 2004 7:14 pm

I bought a ecu upgrade chip for 550 injectors and Z32 mafs on ebay, has anyone had experience with this chip, is it good? I had a local computer place solder it in , installed it today and I also have a super AFC2 installed that previously ran setup. any one know what numbers will run the in and out on super afc2? I started it up using 2 in and 2 out , it still would only run on 1 in and 6 out ,like before getting tunedchip ,but ran really rich at idle 11:2 on wide band . Any one out there have any experience with afc2 and tuned up ecu or has any feedback if you like the GOFASTNISSANCHIPS on your sr20 . I will let you know how it goes as well. I would appreciate any help on getting z32 ,ecu ,superafc2, to setup in afc. thanks :( :confused: :confused:

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Postby Projex240 » Sun Aug 22, 2004 7:14 pm

The stock maf is 5 i 5 out--i beleive the z32 amf is the same--but youll have to check around. Also--the afc should only be sued to fine tune the chip with--but it may not be necessary-im gald you were brave enough to buy the chip and try it without a whole lot of feedback on it. Let everyone know how it turns out.


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Postby SRdave240 » Sun Aug 22, 2004 7:14 pm

The z32 MAF is 2in6out on the SAFC. Since the chip is already programmed to run the z32MAF, leave the SAFC at stock AFM settings (not sure what that is but I wouldn't trust Projex240).

please tell me you do have 550cc injectors? If you don't, then the chip won't work for you.

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