new to the forum and datsuns

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new to the forum and datsuns

Postby Steve_925 » Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:34 pm

hi just traded my 83 chevy dually for a 77 king cab, wich with a little research i just figured out is a 620.
im pretty familiar with toyota trucks, i have a 73 hilux crawler, but i know nothing about the datsuns.
i've owned it about 30 hours now and already lowerd it like 3 inches. before i get to the performance stuff i just want it to be easy to drive. i searched and found a few things on disc brake conversions wich ill eventually do, but the big thing is not having power steering. i searched and couldnt find anything. how do i convert, what do i need, what should i expect to pay? also wanting info on upgrading to a 5 speed. the gearing on this is too low and id rather go to a 5 speed than taller gears. thanks in advance

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Re: new to the forum and datsuns

Postby PEZi » Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:58 pm

welcome man

as far as power steering... you can probably rig up a system if you can find one from a 720 that had it. just check junk yards etc.

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