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FAQ and General Forum Info

Postby WDRacing » Sun Dec 09, 2007 3:16 am

If you have any info in the future you'd like to see added please PM biggie or Promise Land. If you are a new member, let me be the first to welcome you to the best Versa board on the internet.

There isn't anything that can't be answered here on NICO. Keep in mind that the question you have may have already been discussed, and is archived in our vast resources somewhere. Before you post a question, be sure to SEARCH for answers beforehand. You will get more complete information, and members here will love you for it. The search button is blinking red on the top right of the NICO webpage. Image

If you can't find the info you need feel free to make a new thread and we'll be happy to help.

We'll be making lots of additions to this so check back often.

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Q: Is the Versa designed by Nissan only?
A: No. The Nissan Versa is the result of co-development between Nissan and Renault, it is based on the common B platform and shares the common 1.8L engine.

Q: Why does the Versa rattle near the dashboard and other various spots throughout the car?
A: The Versa is an entry level car and rattles are to be expected. Usually, they occur when the weather is cold outside, especially during winter.

Q: Is there an aftermarket support for the Versa?
A: Yes, the aftermarket support is growing rather quickly. There are many people who would like to modify their Versa to the extent of their liking that reflects who they are. There are examples of typical aftermarket products that people tend to purhcase such as wheels, lowering springs/coilovers, tint, cat-back exhaust, header, and cold air intake. It's not just the products they purchase, but the brand names they prefer over another brand which sets one apart.

Q: What is the lug pattern and offset for the Versa?
A: lug pattern: 4x114.3 or 4x4.5 and +42 offset

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