Need / WTB - EGR Tube / Line 1985 720 Z24

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Lord Trilobyte
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Need / WTB - EGR Tube / Line 1985 720 Z24

Postby Lord Trilobyte » Tue Aug 24, 2021 5:31 pm

Hey folks,

I have a crack that is growing by the day in my EGR line / tube / whatever. It's the steel tube that runs from the exhaust manifold to the EGR valve / intake manifold. I'm not really interested in any temporary fixes, because sooner or later it will just be another vacuum leak at an inconvenient time.

Unfortunately, I've dug around quite a bit and can't seem to find a replacement that is for sure going to fit...

I may be moving to California shortly, and so I'm trying to keep at least the option of intact emissions readily available, so I definitely can't delete the thing... But I have heard that lots of folks do, so I'm looking for someone who has deleted the part or is planning to who's willing to help me out. I'm happy to pay a reasonable price for an intact part, I just really, really, really want to stop losing power and huffing carbon monoxide driving down the highway.

If you've got one you haven't chunked yet, or can point me towards something I missed online, that would be great!

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Re: Need / WTB - EGR Tube / Line 1985 720 Z24

Postby Jeggy » Fri Sep 17, 2021 4:58 pm

I have one on my manifold still I doubt I can get it out though why don't you just delete it?

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