Rebuild Parts Advice

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Rebuild Parts Advice

Postby kennp » Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:55 pm

Well my car starting knocking.
Now I have convinced my wife that it would be smarter to use stronger pars, i.e. forged baby.
Here is the hit, I have to build it, last time I built a motor it only lasted like 5k miles. Terrible well here is the deal.
I don' want to screw up So this is what I have on my list.
Motor is Ka24DE
Just buying a remaned crank, comes with bearing.
my question on that is will they be matched to tollerences to the crank?

Then pistons
I was leaning towards Weisco, any other brand you guys like.
Rods are another question. I have used Eagle befor.
I will most likley use Eagle again.

I still need to order a gasket set.
Head gasket.

timing kit. I have always used oem.
any comments.

One last one.
Machine work.
Any involved, need any.

This is my first full motor build, love some help.
In the end I will probablly be shooting for about 420 to 450 rwhp\
All advice will be considered and appricated.

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Re: Need some advice from you ka gurus.

Postby kennp » Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:20 pm

No one?

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Re: Need some advice from you ka gurus.

Postby WDRacing » Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:29 am

You'll have to make sure the bearings match the crank.

I'd change out the water pump and oil pump while you have the motor out.


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Re: Rebuild Parts Advice

Postby lexcrob » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:45 pm

My book says NEVER assume!!!!! Measure twice build once. Plastiguage your bearings and if you want assurance rub crank with prussian blue spin her around -insp. even wear. Im not familiar with the prussian technique but i plan to as a precaution with mine. For the rediculous 400hp lots of machine work is a must. Line bore/bore and hone with torque plate! < if you have a machine shop that even can. Of course you'd want to get the rotating assy. balanced. Spending that much money you'll probly want to pressure check head magnaflux block. You threw bearing so hot tank it! be continued pending what the teardown finds.

I've seen many good reviews of ebay timing chain kits 160$
Felpro seems to be the recommendation for headgasket. Along with ARP's above 300hp
I had great luck with rpm machine when i did a rings/bearings on my b16a2. NPR rings Clevit77 bearings.
Arais are popular along with the AMS rebuild kit!

I know your shooting for 450hp ill have to point out a few things as im debating my build as well.
--Completely stock bottom seems to be good for 280
--Most say stock rods good for 300-400 (rings i guess let go first)

Above that power most invest in surface treatments shot peening cryo stuff. Id say power levels above 400 are best reserved for experienced builders. Not that the parts arent out there or what not. Just the fact that engine management must be superior along with endless dyno time. Streetability would likely suffer with that big of a snail. Lastly, for that kind of power valvetrain would likely need an upgrade along with ignition/cooling systems....LS1 rb25 2JZ start looking like better options budget wise.

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