Need help with peeling window trim film

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Need help with peeling window trim film

Postby QX4Rider » Tue Aug 10, 2021 7:54 pm

Hi, I just bought a 07 FX35 and I have the common peeling and deterioration of the film on the window trim. I tried to peel some of it off with a heat gun. Only the top part of the film comes off easy, but the bottom is still tacky. I don’t want to hit it with heat for too long because I’m afraid to burn or melt the rubber on the top and bottom on the window trim.

Any advise on removing the film, maybe a type of sandpaper, if so, what grit?

I plan on Plasti Dipping them also, due to the fact I’ve had problems with adhesion promoter, primer, and paint in the past with other vehicles.

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Re: Need help with peeling window trim film

Postby mdmellott » Wed Aug 18, 2021 8:15 am

Goo Gone glue and tape adhesive remover works fairly well to get this tacking residue off. A paper towel or thin cotton cloth, like from a tee shirt, saturated with Goo Gone and placed onto the sticky area, will slowly dissolve the residue so that it can simply be wiped off. Another approach, and much more aggressive, is to wipe off the tacky substance with a cotton cloth and pure gum turpentine. This stuff smells bad but it removes gummy adhesive residue almost instantly. Caution: Painted surfaces may be affected by the use of either product.

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