Need Help with Flashing Lights!

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Need Help with Flashing Lights!

Postby Infinitig37x<3 » Thu Apr 07, 2022 9:31 am

Can’t figure out what’s going on with my vehicle, all dash lights blink off and on nothing is wrong with the battery, already had it tested. Previous owner messed around with the key fob trying to connect a viper remote start but I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it right. Viper key doesn’t work… any solutions? Assuming he messed up some internal wiring but not sure where to look or how to fix.

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Re: Need Help with Flashing Lights!

Postby VStar650CL » Thu Apr 07, 2022 3:20 pm

Is everything in the cluster going out, or just the backlights? The first thing I'd check is any T-taps, scotchloks, or other insulation-displacement taps that may have been used for the Viper. Guys often employ the wrong gauge taps and then don't properly restrain them. That can end up fatiguing what's left of a conductor until it breaks, but what's left will be invisible inside the tap. The result is usually what you're seeing, an intermittent connection.

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