Murano CVT Judder Issue Resolved

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Murano CVT Judder Issue Resolved

Postby MoMadness » Mon Mar 29, 2021 6:32 am

I have a 2014 Mo SL FWD that was throwing a couple of MAF Sensor codes (0101, 0103, 0113) and 1 CVT code (0746). The CVT would judder (Nissan's word for it) which I'd describe as a slip and shudder when stating out on an incline and accelerating. The Mo went into limp mode at one point and I parked it until I could work on it. After much research on Mo forums, and some discovery when I replace the spark plugs, I seem to have fixed all issues. For MAF, I found the the ribbed hose from air filter cover to the throttle body had separated in a couple of places (this was the source of the MAF codes). I cleaned the MAF sensor and the throttle body and replaced the ribbed hose assembly (I didn't unhook the electrical harness from the throttle body because then I would of had to do idle relearn - which is tedious). I then drained 5.5 quarts of CVT fluid and add same amount of Ns-3 CVT fluid. Drove the car about 10 miles and as I pulled into my garage (on an incline) got the Judder - arggg!!! This is not a mild thing. It is a violent shudder and accompanied by loss of power to CVT - car doesn't move forward. I decided to drive the Mo gently (no rapid accelerations from start on an incline) for another 90 miles. Theory here is that code P0746 is for CVT Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS) dirty/clogged/stuck (in general) - likely cause being dirty CVT fluid. Additional driving was to get good circulation of CVT fluid and hopefully clear the PCS. It worked. Judder gone! All codes cleared!! I bought a case of the Ns-3 fluid and plan to drain another 5.5 quarts and refill to get the concentration of fresh fluid higher in the CVT. This beats CVT replacement which is where I thought this was going. I found 1 post somewhere discussing a relationship to MAF sensor and CVT issues, so don't know how much of a contributor that was to my CVT issue. I suspect the fluid was likely culprit.... Also changed the plugs and pcv valve as part of this round of maintenance. Hope someone finds this post useful.

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Re: Murano CVT Judder Issue Resolved

Postby VStar650CL » Mon Mar 29, 2021 7:20 am

Fresh fluid can cure a lot of ills, and the 6-cyl CVT's are more resilient to bad fluid than the 4-cyls. You definitely caught it in time to save the belt, which is the main thing. Once a belt goes metal-to-metal it's too late, but the TCM would have had a P1F70 (death code) or P1F71 (help, I'm slipping!) if there was any prospect of belt damage. Getting as much of the old stuff out as possible is a good idea, you can actually purge another couple of quarts by taking the pressure-side cooler line loose and running the car for 30 seconds to drain some of what's in the torque converter. Just be careful to precisely replace the same amount as you take out, overfilling a CVT is very destructive.

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