mode door control dial not working

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mode door control dial not working

Postby 09versajim » Thu May 21, 2015 4:46 am

Hey, new to the list, new to the land of Versa.

I have an 09 Versa SL. I bought it basically to let my oldest use when he transcends from permitted driver to junior licensed driver. Anyway.
I noticed the control dial does not turn CCW past defrost/feet mode. I can turn CW to full defrost but it seems that much more comes out of the front vent. Has anyone had this problem? I searched a bit, but really found nothing. One post touched it, but not a lot of info. Someone mentioned a how to fix on YouTube, but no links. I tried searching there as well, but must not be searching on the right stuff.
I did download the FSM, and I see that the MTC section has the info I want, but not exactly sure of the approach. It looks like going in via the passenger side is the way (control cables/lever, etc.), but maybe just open/approach the dial itself?

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