modding the dvd cd i got with my fx50, is it possible?

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modding the dvd cd i got with my fx50, is it possible?

Postby frs112211 » Wed May 27, 2009 2:40 pm


i searched the whole forum but found no thread which could solve

my problem,

im an owner of fx50, my question is when i click "source" on my

steering, it shows FM CD and DVD. once i get into dvd, automatically

the dvd plays a track which says " hi im jenny, your car, kids ill tell

you some safety tips.. dont cross the road blah blah blah"

i dont really know if its in the navigation dvd which i got with the car?

or is it stored in cd or dvd player? its a track of 2 minutes.

i want to delete this track, is it possible to insert the dvd cd into

my computer and delete the track manually? or what is the best way?

secondly, i want to delete the point of interests which you can see

while browsing through maps, unlike shopping, patrol station etc.

is it possible to delete these categories and remove them from the

dvd cd through computer?

how do you edit the dvd cd is it possible to edit it through a desktop

or laptop simply by inserting and surfing the cd.. or there is a particular

program that comes to modify the cd?

please help me guys if you can!

hope for the best

good luck!


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Re: modding the dvd cd i got with my fx50, is it possible? (frs112211)

Postby SteveTheTech » Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:11 pm

Great choice with the FX50 and Welcome to the group.

You can remove the DVD and replace it with something else. I have never seen this DVD you are speaking of but it sounds pretty funny.

You can also remove the points of interest from the GPS map by going into the Settings menu and deselecting the points of interest. I am not sure what software you have but if you do a little searching in the sub menu you should be able to find the POI option. It will be under Settings than Navigation.

The next time I come across an FX50 I will post some pictures if you are interested.


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