Modded engine rebuild

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Modded engine rebuild

Postby diggo96 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:54 pm

So i am gonna rebuild my vq35de rev up in my 05 g35 coupe sport. I am doing the rebuild myself and i have this thread in other nissan and infiniti forums so i can have a broad branch of help. Please only serious help wanted! I already have my planned out build but i am questioning my crank. How much hp and torque can the stock crank hold before it becomes dangerous? I am aiming for 350 rwhp but obviously that equates to more at the crank and at 15% give or take powerloss may add up to 402 to 405 crank horses. Will this be safe to run on my build? I am just trying to be conservative on it for now and wheels will be widened to handle the power obviously. Engine bottom end i already have planned to run wiseco 11/1 cr pistons with Brain Crower rods with arp 2000 rod bolts and acl main and rod race bearings (just to give it extra help gliding as it runs) with arp L19 studs for heads and mains. Basically bullet proof bottom end and the rev up oil pump does a great job stock so it stays. But any reccomendation for top end parts that are reliable? Im not raising the redline, the rev up has a good limit of 7500 rpm and getting strong top end parts would be a great idea uk, but idk what would be a good match for the bottom end. Build isnt for a good while so im in no rush with what to go with. Wanna make sure everything is well thought out cause i dont have the pocket to have a car with a dead motor sit in my garage. I just want safe 350 rwhp. Just to make that clear but make the engine bullet proof for later maps. Thanks in advanced to those who help!

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Re: Modded engine rebuild

Postby PostalsQ » Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:49 pm ... n-engines/

good reading. Crankshaft never mentioned

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