Mishimoto G37 Direct Fit Catch Can

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Mishimoto G37 Direct Fit Catch Can

Postby Mishimoto » Mon May 07, 2018 6:40 am

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday! I'm going to you from our HQ in New Castle to let you know we've started development on a direct fit catch can kit for the G37!


In this day and age, if you’re an enthusiast in search of a naturally aspirated, performance-oriented 6-cylinder, you’re almost out of luck. The last 8 years have been the age of forced induction with the 4-cylinder turbo layout edging the V6 closer toward extinction. Unless you have the money to spend on a Porsche, there just aren’t many options out there anymore for the fun 6-cylinder.

There is one manufacturer, though, who can deliver the “Fizz” (as James May would put it) without the fuss of a turbo or supercharger. That would be Nissan. I’m sure that most people would have visions of the dime-a-dozen Rogue or Sentra that dominates the roads these days. Anyone who knows anything about their Nissan and Infiniti is quite aware of the company’s heritage. From the long-nosed Datsun coupes to the drifter’s dream that was the 240SX—and let’s not forget the 10+ generations of the Skyline/GT-R—Nissan has proved it’s been around the block a few times.


The G37 released with Nissan's newest rendition of the VQ engine, the VQ37VHR, sporting all of the amenities which made it one of the most versatile, and efficient V6's around. Of course, that doesn't come without drawbacks. The combination of direct injection and high compression makes this engine highly susceptible to engine blow-by.


While this might not have come from our loaner G37, it could end up looking the same if left untreated. Luckily though, we've already been hard at work developing a catch can system to guard your intake valves from the contaminated crankcase pressure. Make sure you head over to our Engineering Blog to find out what we're planning!

Feel free to shoot me any comments, questions, or concerns you might have! :)


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