mechanic tool box question

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mechanic tool box question

Postby lexcrob » Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:30 pm

I didnt know where to post this one. We need a tools and fab. sort of section.*

Anyways im a full time technician and ALWAYS have side projects of my own on the weekends. Normally they required extensive amounts of tools. I work at a dealer and am unable to access them of course on weekends. Its really annoying having 7-10k worth of tools and not being able to get to them.

I have a SNAP ON-- <its one of these.

On to my GOAL - I want to be able to : drive truck into shop back up to tool box hook up hitch<<< and drive off with it!!!!

-has to be able to go 65 mph at least
-what you guys thing about bumps.... dent draws ?
-so i guess im gonna need some kind of suspension^
-limited amount of room in shop needs to be max 4x6 (thinking removable hitch portion with pins to reattach quickly)
-have been wanting bigger box any idea brand/type that might work good for this

Anyways lemme know what you guys think. I know probly a bad idea hauling a snap on tool box but think LUGGAGE trailer/uhaul tow dolly!

Maybe there is something like this i can buy i couldnt find snot. Or even a trailer that meets me demensions.!!!! bolt strap it on would be nice i am not a fabricator at ALL.


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