M35 seat replacement options with temp control

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M35 seat replacement options with temp control

Postby sammysquest » Mon Mar 15, 2021 5:41 pm

Im looking for any options to replace the existing 2006 M35 front seats with other Infiniti seats with temp control.
The relays and fuses are good.The temp control modules are bad on both seats. Any ideas.
I've reached out to Katzin for aftermarket seat upholstery and they said that they don't offer Infiniti but offer Maxima Anybody know if Maxima seat covers are the same.
Thank You

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Re: M35 seat replacement options with temp control

Postby vabrova » Mon Mar 15, 2021 11:00 pm

Maxima seat covers wont fit because the foam contour is slightly different in ours. I've been looking to do the same thing for my "08 M35 with climate and bose and so far I've found that M/Q/G-series seat covers are also not interchangeable.

I have changed a control module to fix the heat/cool function and they aren't difficult at all. You could probably find two used ones for $30-80 on eBay and it would take 10min to install.

The best bet I've found for seat covers was a local upholstery shop that quoted around $850 for both front seats. Downsides are that it wouldn't be 100% color matched with the rest of my interior, I'd be without my daily for a week, and this still doesn't solve my non-functional lumbar support so I'm still looking for options. Maybe EdBwoy can compare M37 seat mount spacing to see if they line up with ours and if electric connectors are compatible with an M35. *poke* A direct swap with a newer model would give people another option since finding new or decent condition used seats for "06-'10 is basically non-existent.

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