Low boost ka-T

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Low boost ka-T

Postby Kastamonulu37 » Tue May 04, 2021 1:40 am

Hello there. I'm going for a turbo setup for the D21 ka-t. I just built the engine as a stock. I want to use stock ecu, but I have LPG system in my vehicle, I always ride LPG in my vehicle, since LPG ECU is also piggyback ECU, I can adjust Air-Fuel mixture in LPG. I bought an oil pressure gauge, a Turbo Pressure gauge and an Air-fuel ratio gauge. I bought a turbo used on a 2300cc diesel engine. I also bought the blow off valve, I will return the BOV output to the suction of the turbo after the maf sensor. I want to use it safe daily with 5 psi pressure. Do you think I will have problems with this setup? Security is for me, I never want to break my engine in the 1st plan. Is there anything I need to add or remove? Thanks in advance

NOTE: T25 turbo is not sold in the country where I live, I cannot find ecu like Safc2, so I had to go to turbo setup like this. If I break my engine it will probably be too expensive to buy a spare engine so I want a power increase of 20-30 hp without damaging the KA.

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Re: Low boost ka-T

Postby WDRacing » Thu Jul 08, 2021 5:02 am

Can you post some pics of your LPG system? Sounds cool.

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