Looking at 2003 Maxima - power problem?

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Looking at 2003 Maxima - power problem?

Postby GseaQ » Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:15 pm

GseaQ wrote:Hi folks,

I looked at a 2002 Q45 last week, but too cosmetically challenged for the price.

Today I looked at and drove a 2003 Maxima SE 6-speed with 172,000 kms. The interior was perfect, the exterior had lots of surface scratches like it kept getting washed with dirty brushes and rags. Also quite a few rock chips on the leading edge of the hood.

It started, idled and ran great, BUT it was already up to temp before I got there so inconclusive. It did pull a bit to the right and it wasn't torque-steer. Then I used full throttle in second gear. It revved to 4000 RPM and fell flat. Gradually got to 4500 but NO power after 4000. I tried again in first and second - same thing pulled strong to 4000 and no more.

Any thoughts on the engine issue?

The seller has called back to say he took the car to his mechanic. The problem did not recur and they could not duplicate it (not able to rev over 4000-4500 RPM). It did not show a Check Engine light when I was driving it and there were no stored codes.

So, any idea what might have happened? I will say that I don't know what kind of air filter is in it, nor when it was cleaned and oiled if a K&N. Thinking over-oiling, but would that clear itself up? Would the VIAS solenoid acting up cause this loss of higher RPM?

Sounds a bit like a problem mentioned below with a plugged #3 cat...

Mods, now posting also in Nissan Online Mechanic in case you want to eliminate this or the other.


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