LHD interior questions

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LHD interior questions

Postby masterdisaster » Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:10 pm

So i have a JDM 180sx.. my dash has a crack in it. Finding a new LHD dash is kinda hard. So i was thinking of cutting out the bad areas and using Goop to fill the cracks ( bcuz it's become almost solid, resist heat, and stays somewhat flexible ). and to finish it off paint it with some Duplicolor vinyl/fabric paint. i've seen alot of advertisement about this paint on Speed channel. i was also thinking of doing the same thing to my complete interior. since it works on carpet, seats..bascily everyting.

so i'm am asking the interior gods of Nico to give me a helping hand, to find out if i should go down this road.

anyone with experience with this process please comment

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