Leather, pleather, or something else entirely...?

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Leather, pleather, or something else entirely...?

Postby schaffs04 » Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:34 am

Hey all, I have an '08 EX35. I don't mean the wrong forum, but frankly a lot more Gs we're sold during this time period than my car.

I've had leather, MB-tex, and whatever is in my EX. I know it's leather, or is supposed to be. That said, it constantly looks dull, lifeless, and dry. not that I haven't taken to it with lexall more than once.

anyone have any secrets forgetting this stuff not to look like plasticized genuine imitation vinylex?

PS, I know this isn't the Mercedes forum but it is true that after nuclear war there will be Twinkies, Cher, and every square inch of MB-Tex ever produced.

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