KA24E Rough Idle then dies after start up

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KA24E Rough Idle then dies after start up

Postby Alllallan » Tue Mar 02, 2021 2:30 am

hey everyone this is my first post, unfortunately, it's me asking for help on an issue I've been stumped on lol. I have a ka24e 240sx and the car was running perfectly fine with no issues for a few months since I got it.

My problem is it runs really bad at idle. This all started after I took off my valve cover gasket to paint it, after painting it I put it back on and the car started having issues. (I know I was bored during the covid lockdown and had nothing better to do lol) When I start the car, it stays around 500rpm and after a few seconds, it'll just die. If I have my foot on the throttle it's fine but does smell like gas and I do hear some pops and the end of the exhaust but the second I let off the gas it dies again. The engine does also shake when starting and running.

I've talked to several people and many of them not being sure if it's a fuel issue or a vacuum leak somewhere. Some of the stuff I've tried is cleaning out the MAF and the whole intake setup, new fuel injectors, and a new valve cover gasket.

Below is a video I took of it :rotfl

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Re: KA24E Rough Idle then dies after start up

Postby ErektileReprile » Thu Mar 11, 2021 10:36 am

I would check for vacuum leaks if you haven’t already. My ka was doing the same thing (but way more violently) for a while after I changed the head gasket and timing chain. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on and got busy w classes so I left it for a month, then yesterday I found leaks in my pcv hose and had vacuum lines running to the wrong places. Once I replaced and rerouted everything it started running normally. Also you might want to look into replacing the fuel filter, it’s cheap and easy and helped mine run smoother when I first got it

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