KA24E high idle, high fuel consumption and low traction

Information on the naturally-aspirated KA24E and KA24DE engines.
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KA24E high idle, high fuel consumption and low traction

Postby Kastamonulu37 » Mon Dec 14, 2020 2:55 am

Hello nicoclub greetings from Turkey. Although I have been following the forum for a long time, I have become a new member, I apologize for my translation mistakes.

I own a 1986 Nissan single cabin D21 BD30 diesel and a 1997 Nissan Terrano 2 KA24E Petrol / LPG. D21 I have been pleased with it for 10 years, it is no problem. I bought Terrano 6 months ago with engine defective and still could not solve their problems

When I bought the car, the engine was burning oil, I renewed the engine completely, I replaced the pistons, rings, liners, valves with new ones. Until now, I did not have any problems, I shared them on my country's forum, you can look at the link.

https://www.gezenbilir.com/konu/nissan- ... me.124981/

There was an intermittent problem after the engine was built, while I was driving on my normal way, the power of the car suddenly started to misfire and black smoke from the exhaust began to explode. This continued intermittently for a while, I purchased a new oxygen sensor and then did not have this problem again. Right now when I run it only in the morning cold it throws black smoke. When I measure the exhaust emission while the engine is hot, the values ​​are normal, the lambda value is between 1000-1005, so I have no problem with rich mixture. But my vehicle is very slow and consumes a lot of fuel. For example, I can go at a speed of 80-100 km / h on a flat road. If I go down the slope, my speed can go up to 120 km / h. On normal slopes, I drop to 60-70 km / h and fall to 40 km / h on steeper slopes. My fuel consumption is 100km / 21lt gasoline in gasoline, and 100km / 29lt LPG on LPG. My vehicle has a 2-door weight of 1650 kg, in the city I live, there are usually 4-door ka24e terranos, they have a weight of 1850 kg. But they consume 100km / 13lt Gasoline, 100km / 18lt LPG. They also say that they go up to 130 km / h up a slight hill, 160 km / h on flat roads, these speeds are just a dream for me :( For this problem, I first changed my spark plugs, the ones that came out were the wrong spark plugs and they were blackened, I bought a new NGK ZFR5E-11 spark plug, and they are also darkened. I will attach a photo below. I bought a new Hitachi distributor but I still have a problem. Considering the possibility of leaks in my gasoline injectors, I had my gasoline injectors connected to the test device and tested. I bought a new coolant temperature sensor thinking it might be from the temperature sensor, but it didn't get better with that either. I wanted to clean the last Maf sensor and the throat throttle.After I cleaned it everything became much worse. My idle rose and started to fluctuate between 1500-1750 rpm. I adjusted the tps sensor, tightened the idle screw all the way, but it didn't work. Then I disassembled the throttle body completely, checked the vacuum lines and replaced what looked worn. I replaced the manifold gasket and the gas filler gasket. I removed the idler motor and cleaned it and renewed its gasket. My ripple problem seems to be gone, but the idle is still too high I'll put the video of the last situation below. My engine was a little hot while shooting the video. It runs very low speed at first run and then rises. When I connect it to the fault reading device, no error appears, but when we look at the system monitor, the ecu voltage is 10.45v, the battery voltage is 13.74volts. My alternator was newly maintained and I changed the battery 1 month ago with the best quality battery. When I measure on the battery, I can see 13.80 volts. Do you think this voltage value is normal?

My current idle status: https://youtu.be/6ha7K1tNq-Y

Black smoke from the exhaust in cold start in the morning:https://youtu.be/V31ueD8v32U

I have been dealing with these problems for about 3 months, I cannot install a diesel engine because gasoline-diesel conversion is prohibited in the country I live in. I started to hate the ka engine. I love the appearance of my car, I was excited to buy my first car, I had to save for many years to buy it, but I still cannot use my car. I hope you can help with this. Thank you in advance for your ideas

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