KA24DE no spark

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KA24DE no spark

Postby Fri3dCh1cken23 » Tue Feb 02, 2021 8:32 am

S14 KA24DE in an S13. Car would start and run but was in limp mode, and running crappy. Replaced my MAF, fuel filter, CAT sensor, knock sensor, and cleaned out my fuel tank. When I put everything back together it wouldn't start. I tested and it looked like I wasn't getting spark. Replaced all fuses I had extras off and tested the ones I didn't. Originally I thought it was an issue with my distributor. So I got a new cap, rotor, and new spark plugs. Still nothing. Next I thought back. And I remembered my ignition coil and ICM (Ignition control module) assembly was in a puddle of water when working on my car. Replaced both of those, still no spark. The car will occasionally pop and back fire like a cylinder is firing. Im thinking it may be my distributor and CAS? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Weird thing that happens that I'm not sure if it's related. I don't get any error codes UNLESS I unplug my MAF then i get a knock sensor code (Which makes sense because my knock sensor is unplugged) but when the MAF is plugged in i get no codes.

Some background on the car. Car is an S14 engine in an S13 chassis. Swapped over the intake and distributor so all the wiring matched up. I have a custom push button start (Which the car would start with before so this isn't the issue) and I recently tucked the wire harness and fuse boxes under the dash. Everything was sautered and heat shrinked back together properly and everything on the car works properly. Im 17 and desperately need my car on the road.

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Re: KA24DE no spark

Postby Akuhyo » Wed Feb 03, 2021 11:08 am

I just did this swap on my car, except I'm keeping the S14 ECU & wiring harness- I extended power wires from the ECU to a custom plug I made for my chassis. (definitely easier than swapping dizzy & intake btw! ;) )

Pull your coils, crank the engine, and check for voltage on your coils. If you're not getting any, then it's most likely the distributor. If you are getting some, then change the spark plugs.

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