KA/SR transmission shifter solution

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KA/SR transmission shifter solution

Postby improvisedFITMENT » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:14 pm

Having a simple and driver friendly cockpit is key to enjoying your time behind the wheel. With a vas variety in seats, steering wheels and shift knobs a car owner would have no problem picking and buying parts for his or her style of comfort. For many years companies have made replacement shift handles for the T series Borg Warner transmissions such as the T5, T45, and T56 which can be found behind many American vehicles to fit a drivers style for looks, track, or street use. Owning a SR or KA powered vehicle you would know that there is not many replacement parts to comfort you when shifting. Yes they make many shift knobs and yes you can buy short shifters but nothing that gives you the ability to truly find a comfortable shift knob position. What if you where able to open any magazine or web page pertaining to American performance parts and pick from hundreds of different shift handles to fit the T series Borg Warner transmission and bolt it up to your SR/KA tranny. I WOULD NOT SELL ANYTHING THAT I WOULD NOT CONSIDER MYSELF OWNING. THIS IS A PART WHICH WILL ADD TO A MORE DRIVER FRIENDLY COCKPIT


Currently in the process of manufacturing a limited supply of 100 items for the first run which will be sold for $130 ea plus freight. Will be a 3-4 week waiting period. Ground freight charges depend on postal code. For more details and information
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