Rules and Regulations of the KA Forum

Information on the naturally-aspirated KA24E and KA24DE engines.
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Rules and Regulations of the KA Forum

Postby Rev_D21 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:17 pm

Hello everyone,

I am Devin and I am going to be cleaning up this forum a bit. I ask that everyone do their part to make this forum more useful. What I am about to ask of you should not be difficult, if it is please don't post in this forum then.

Rule #1: KA content only

This means that if you ask a question about bumpers for your 240 you will find your thread moved. This also includes tires, transmissions, seats...anything that doesn't pertain to the KA engine will be moved or deleted. Just because your ride might contain a KA engine doesn't mean the question goes in this forum. Repeat offenders will be warned and if need be...banned.

Rule #2: Treat each other with respect

Everyone is a newb at one time or another. This forum is meant to be a database for KA owners. We help each other and by doing so we help ourselves. Please do not flame people for asking a question. If it's a repeat question I will make it a FAQ sticky so it is easily found. Which brings me to the next rule.

Rule #3: SEARCH

I have used this forum hundreds of times to research things I am working on and let me tell you, there are lots of answers in these pages. Search!!!! NICO has a fantastic search engine that will bring you results as long as you search the right terms. Please SEARCH, we can tell from 100 miles away who didn't bother searching...don't be that person.

Rule #4: Thread Titles

On NICO thread titles are searchable. Titles like "WTF?" and "HELP!!!" serve only to annoy people and do not take full advantage of NICOs search function. If you are having trouble please tell a little bit about your trouble in the "Timing Chain Installed, Can't Set Timing". That example helps you get a response faster. Vets tend to answer threads with more serious titles, increase your odds of getting an answer by not wasting everyones time with dumb titles.

Rule #5: Classified Ads

No classified ads allowed in the KA forum, no exceptions. Please post wants/sales in the classified sections as they will be deleted if posted here.

Rule #6: Regionals

Don't post in here looking for local shops to work on your engine. Open the yellow pages or cruise the regional forums for those kinds of answers. Posting anything like that in here is grounds for instant deletion.

Rule #7: Punctuation**NEW!!!**

No one can help you if they can't understand what you are trying to say. In the age of Driods and iphones people have gotten lazy when it comes to forming sentences. If you post a thread and fail to use some form of punctuation so everyone can understand what you are trying to say I am just going to go ahead and DELETE your entire thread and/or posts. Please save your 'net-bonics' for Facebook and the like. Post like that here and I will delete it.

I will amend this list as things come up. Otherwise, ENJOY!

-Rev D

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