JDM, Wiring, unwanted power to headlight with key off

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JDM, Wiring, unwanted power to headlight with key off

Postby harukisan » Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:17 am

Hello Guys,
It,s been a while since I've been here, for the most part I seem to have my car sorted out pretty good and I am happy with it. BUT my current issue/project is I have the real Ks 1989 Silvia JDM version and I have always had an issue with batteries going dead. My charging system always checks out as good. I did track down a drain coming from my turbo timer, I went with a new battery and it lasted for a while and then started dying on me again. This is what i have now. I had my dual projector JDM headlights redone with new low beam projectors ( so they will face the correct way for USDM roads) and what do you know I can see great at night now without blinding on coming traffic, great I love it.
But I was still starting to experience a lot of dead battery days. Just by accident one day while I had the battery on the charger I noticed the right ( if you are facing the car) low beam bulb flickering on and off in cycles and it even happens when the key is turned off. I have tried cycling the high beam switch on and off with it stopping the problem for a while and then it will start flickering again ( all this with the power/key in the off position).

Oh yes before someone starts with that search business I have already.

Well we know that some how power is trying to activate that low beam bulb that I've stated above but how? I replaced the turn signal light combo switch a long time ago ( only because I wanted the fresh lettering on the controls), so the switch is good.
I know it's a long shot but I thought that I would ask if anyone has had or has any ideas how to fix this sort of issue.
Oh yes this might have a relationship to my issue my/this car already had a Clifford Black Jack Alarm system installed when I first bought it back in 2012. It is all a wonder to me because everything works as it should on this car i.e. lights, turn signals, wipers, horn etc.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: JDM, Wiring, unwanted power to headlight with key off

Postby corn322 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:40 pm

I'm looking through the schematic for 91-94 240sx, I'm assuming the wiring will be similar.
Can you hear any relays clicking when the low beam is flickering?
Try disconnecting the Headlamp Timer. Should be a small white box with 10 wires behind the driver's kickpanel.

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