JDM VH45 + tuning questions

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JDM VH45 + tuning questions

Postby Y33TJPN » Thu Jun 17, 2021 5:52 pm

Good evening,

I considered posting this in the vh45de engine section but noticed there is significantly less traffic there compared to here and am always amazed by the knowledge the regulars have here.

On to the reason I’m here - it’s different than my usual posts trying to diagnose or maintain my y33…

I have the opportunity to buy a JDM VH45 to put into an oddball chassis by way of custom motor mounts - identified this is a JDM engine by the Nissan badged intake manifold and per the original seller came from a JDM engine company in Toronto. Unfortunately that’s as much info as is available, no confirmed year or make it came out of etc.

First question would be am I required to source a JDM ecu for this engine or would I be able to run the ecu and harness out of a USDM 94? I’m not opposed to altering a harness to make it work however if I have to hunt down a JDM ECU that might already put this project out before it’s started.

Second, are nico ECUs/reprogramming still available? I haven’t tried to email Wes but looks like he’s been inactive for awhile on these forums, if I read his profile right. My understanding is I can’t send in a ‘94 ecu but can pay $350 to have a 90-93 ecu reprogrammed sent out to me if these are still being offered.

Anything else anyone sees giving me trouble by starting with the JDM base? My understanding is the JDM and USDM are near identical with no major changes or specs separating the two, but I’m happy to be schooled when necessary. (:

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Re: JDM VH45 + tuning questions

Postby Infinitiace1992 » Sun Jul 04, 2021 8:53 pm

I’m no expert but happy to give you my very recent personal experience with a JDM VH45DE I got from Tennessee JDM. My engine came with the Infiniti logo on the upper intake manifold not the Nissan badge Reason I point that out is I was told some possible sensor, harness, ECU and some other parts may be different than USDM engines. After my engine was installed we did in fact have to change the ECU only for the reason it was causing two injectors to constantly fire and flood the cylinders but that come to find out was a pre existing condition before I bought the JDM engine. That being said, if it’s like mine, it should basically be plug and play.

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